Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet the parent

Last Friday Janelle teacher messaged me and asked for a meet the teacher session. Im like oh no, what did my Janelle did that teacher wanted to meet me.

Teachers feedback
- she started under the care of mrs x who is more soft spoken. And one day when Janelle was punished by the teacher and was asked to stand behind, Janelle was angry and pulled the teacher hair that nearly caused the teacher to falls from them on Janelle is under the care with mrs Wong who are more loud, drama and firm.
- my drama princess started her training from school. She showed her happiness, smiling face to the teacher she likes and she showed her sadness, pity face to the teacher who is more firm to her. The extreme of her expression has clearly written on her face.
- janelle has a habit of pitching ppl when she is under stress and when she is seeking for attention. Mrs W will give Janelle a loud NO and explain the reason to Janelle in a very firm tone and telling her I DONT LIKE. And we had see a  reduce of her pitching to others. This will need to continue at home till she totally stop.
- teacher also shared that Janelle is very pretty and has a strong character like the singer wang fei. Mrs W the drama queen even sing 我愿意for her and Janelle will sing along with her mummering. Don't know if it's good or bad. But teacher warned us to tame down her strong character from young else we will pulled by her lead and prompt serving and helping her.
- request to work on sorting and focusing with her. 
- overall we see improvement on janelle for the past 6 months

Friday, May 22, 2015


Janelle: "what's this?" Her favorite question nowsaday.

Mummy: "take photo.. Janelle smile"

Janelle :"smile" and this is the smile she returned me. First time she did that, so happy with her improvement. Thank God. She is getting more and more of her daddy look as she grow. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lunching out

We seldom lunch out and this is one of the few, lunch at pasta without daddy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eye check

During the last visit with dr chan, he noticed Janelle eyes strain outwards and he requested for an eye check. I'm quite reluctant to do so because of the long waiting time and discomfort after the eye drops. Since doc requested, so we went and I also like to have an update of Janelle astigmatism eyes from 3 years ago checks.

Today there isn't much crowd as exam is coming but we still there for 2 hrs, and went thru 8 pitstops. Optometrist confirmed that Janelle both eyes tends to strain outwards after a while focusing on one thing. Optometrist shared that wearing glasses might be able to help her bring the eyes back to center but only if she has degree. Hence we did an eye dilation to check her power. Thank God she is like mommy having perfect eyesight, she don't need to wear glasses. Astigmatism eyes also no more. Nothing much we can do but some eye ex cerise to build up the strength of the eye Muscle so that she control and prevent the eye strain outwards and become lazy eyes. 

Need to be back in 4 months time to confirm the strain is not worsen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to get rid of the funny smell/taste in new kettle

Recently bought a new electric kettle. The first and second boil, it comes with a funny smell or taste in it. Almost going to throw the kettle away as I can't take the funny taste and I wouldn't want to give that kind of water to my girl. Hus suggested to put in a few slice of lemon into the hot boiled water and leave it overnight, then discard the water and boil another pot for drinking. Lemon contain critic acid and it will help to cleanse the kettle and get rid of the funny smell/taste. Indeed, it's works...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mobile phone and me

Since this year started I have developed a habit to place my mobile phone near me when I sleep. This helps me to check the time easily when I wake up in the middle of night. 

Yesterday, hus took my mobile phone away and when I woke at 3am, I wasn't able to find it and can't tell the time. Although I'm very tired but can't get back to sleep without knowing the time as I scare I will miss janelle wake up time for school. Force myself up to look for my phone, by the time I knew it's only 3.30am, I can't back to sleep anymore. I'm fully awake already. Was so angry with my hus who took my phone away, and he got scolding from me the first thing in the morning. Argh. Am I alone who has this habit? 

Zyan in the house

Today brought Zyan over my house to be Janelle playmate. She played together
Do bad things together 
They rested together
Taking turns to push each other around
Playground together 
And janelle enjoyed the accompanied. She went around "Zyan, Zyan, Zyan". At times she followed what Zyan do, at times she sing with Zyan.. Copied what Zyan says... I saw another side of janelle. Thanks God