Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Problem after problem

Company is going thru retrenchment. PPL come and ppl go.. No one is important to the company, everyone is possible. Feeling very down as few of my closed colleagues in US and HK was being cut. Don't know when is my turn.

My in laws are calling me  and asking abt my financial and asking me to stop selling clothes.  I explained to them the matters is not only  money. .. We don't mark up the price horribly, its just a reason that girls can a break from the family during the flea.

Brothers are on deep shit and I have emptied my bank for them. Haiz. When will they learn.

Lots more problem around me. At this point of time I just want to be ostrich, Bury my head down and know nothing. 

God says he will give when asked.  I asked and declared received in jesus name.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Offset meeting at melacca 2014

Waking up at 530 am to catch the company bus to melecca to meet the KL folks for an offset meeting. It's a bit crazy 8 hrs of bus journey 4 hrs of meeting.

After the meeting... colleagues bought me to have the famous durian puff and jonker 88 chendo.. its the gula melaka that make it fragrant so nice. Heee.. In the end I bought back 1kg of gula melaka..

As usual I bought a hard rock tshirt for janelle.. and this is what I get from her this morming....
Me: sweetie, see what mama got for you from melecca. It's a hard rock tshirt to add into ur collection.
Janelle: well done
Me: ||| you are most welcome.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This is my alarm clock works

This is how my alarm clock works everyday. .  And she wakes me up without fail at her own time own target. Can be as early as 6.. the best day she will allow me to sleep till 8am. She sleep I sleep, she wakes up and I wake up.

1. She will come near me
2. She will pull off my blanket
3. She will climb over me
4. She will start pinching me
5. If still haven't response the.. her final step is pull my hair..

Have u guess it? Yes my alarm clock is ms janelle.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oh family is growing

Making the growing up fun..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Now I'm in a stage where 喝水都会胖。I have eating as usual, sometime lesser.. but my weight is going up monthly.  Why?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Don't know since when I became so sensitive and fragile... had been down with flu and cough for a month.. doctor suspect is due to the haze which causes sensitive nose...

MIL 70th Birthday

Hus started wanting to celebrate 70th for his mom. At first he wanted to make it big by inviting relatives, but mil don't want. She just wanted a small family event will do. Selected a few places but all shot down as sil wanted somewhere nearby. So ended up Pinsi Yishun, but I managed to get a KTV room so they can sing songs.