Friday, September 11, 2015

Everyone can be the role model of a child

Came across the video on Facebook.. Remind me of a similar situation.. Just recently, When I'm teaching my girl to stop for red light even there is no cars approaching, red light means stop and green light means go... then a man walked passed us and crossed the road.. my girl looked at me and I like aaaa... Haiz.. But I don't have the courage the correct the man... So I tell my girl that we can't control what ppl do, we just don't have to follow and we do what we need to do.. red light means stop and green light means go..

Monday, August 31, 2015

Another milestone for Janelle - 7yrs old MMR

Couple weeks ago, teacher sent in the form from MOH for MMR jab in school for all P1 children which I agreed that Janelle to take the jab in school instead of bringing her to family doctor. 

Today Janelle teacher whatsapp me, telling me that Janelle is a very brave girl. Didn't cry... 

Monday, July 27, 2015

How many clean your washing machine?

Not sure how many of you clean the washing machine, but I know I didn't.

Since I got my washer a couple years back, and is my maid the one who does all the cleaning instead myself. hence I didn't noticed how dirty it is till I took over the job recently. I nearly fainted when I see the molds all round the washer. I tried to use baking soda, vinegar, daiso drum washing power, and none help to get rid of the mouldy smell. I'm was kind of concern as it may cause skin problem if the mould is not get rid. 

And worst, the washer started to give me a lot of problem like the water is not able to discharge, the detergent and softener in the dish was not washed down, and the washer keep stopping half way and need to manual trigger to start again. And the only function working is the mini program.

I can take half a day to check and wash one load. Was so angry and decided to change the washer. 

This time round, I'm choose a top load. Reasons because 
1. mouldy is an common issue in all front load if you didn't allow dry the machine each time after wash. Top load doesn't have the rubber thingy around the edges, so this is not a problem in top load.
2. Front load do save more water than top load, but with today technology, top load is catching up the water effeciency and it now comes with 3 ticks too.
3. Sometime or many times after I started the washing, I will realized one or two pieces are not throw into the washer. With top load I can pause and throw it in and continue with the wash again, without having to wait for the next wash. 
4. To save the trouble of looking for low sub washing detergent. 

This time round, I choose Samsung 8litre top load washer.

One side note: don't even think of selling the old washer to garang guni to earn that few bucks... None of them wants it. They shared that the amount they get is not worth the effort to bring back the washer, dismentle it and sell parts by parts. So no one wants it. Thank to my husband ideas, now I have another problem to get rid of the washer. 

Smile smile...

We saw the moove media cow at the entrance of Punggol waterway entrance, and Janelle was prompted by us to check it out...

Janelle quickly run over and "what's that? What's that?"

I feel that Janelle is trying to pose yeah with her fingers... She is trying...

M: Janelle, take photo... Smile... Smile

When she ran to the next board, she was looking at it for a while and she looked at me and says "smile... Smile" then I realized that she wanted to take photos... 

So glad to see improvement in her. Although she need a bit more time then normal kid to react, but she is aware. 

Praise God... "For nothing will be impossible with God." ~ Luke 1:37

Monday, July 20, 2015

Racial harmony and hari raya celebration

It slipped my mind on Thursday and only realized that Janelle is ecouaged to wear Malay costume to school to celebrate racial harmony and hari raya....

Tried to dig out a pass down Malay dress but it's too big for janelle. Was thinking ok la, just a few hours.. And I sew abit in the skirt and it wouldn't fall down will do. But after dinner, me and hus was thinking the top is kind of too big for Janelle.. So we rushed down to mustafa to get since a couple of friends says mustafa there is Malay costume. (Not one but 3 says that, although I'm in doubt) as expected, mustafa sells Indian dresses not Malay... Guess many Chinese are like me, doesn't know what's the different in Indian dress and Malay dress. 

The best match of Malay dress I can get was the sia kebaya from mustafa. There is different prices some more.. $26.90 is better material and more like sia kebaya but that doesn't has Janelle size. So I got the cheaper one $20.90 with some design on the hems and material are lighter. Not so hot too.. 

Reached home about 11pm, quickly hand wash it and hang it in our aircon room. Was still worrying that it will not dry. But It's very dry this morning, quickly iron and put in front of the fan to bring down the temperature. And here come my pretty Janelle. 

Mummy says I have the potential to be ms sq girl... The big round eyes, charming smile, tall and slim. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Naughty little girl..

School holiday activities: help mama making the bed: 

I'm a strong little girl

Once mummy stepped away, she throw the pillow to the floor and start playing with it.. 

Wang Fei look alike?

Janelle teacher feedback that she look like wang fei the singer of 我愿意。

Guess what?! 

Wu liao de mummy went and download an app and did a match.. And here's the result..

I try to match mine with Janelle.. And the app is pretty smart, know that I'm her mom.