Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Janelle first IEP with MINDS

After Janelle started school for two weeks, the school holds an IEP meeting with the parents.

Janelle teachers are very helpful and together we set goals and try to understand Janelle more. We setup a a small goal for Janelle and will review in 4 months to see her progress. And the goal we set for Janelle is "Encourage Janelle to be more pro-active."

We discussed about Janelle toilet training, and we feel that Janelle might be having some fear (at home she will cry when we put her on the toilet bowl, in school she will shiver) on the toilet bowl which causes not able to release in the toilet bowl. We decided to change another method, and hope that would works for her.

Teachers reminded us that we as a special needs child parent also needs to have a life to ourselves. She also encourage us to have sometime off with our friends and partner alone... and dont be over stress with what Janelle cant do. They need some time so do us. - Really sometime that speak into my heart and that's what we are trying to do for this year.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Janelle toothchart

First tooth was lost just before xmas day, and during xmas day (within 3 days), new tooth is out.. That's very nice.. not too long as ms bo gay..

But guessed what… second tooth came off too… and new tooth is out the next day..

Hope that by CNY, her 2 teeth will be neatly grow.. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yoga for christianality?

Couple months ago, when i shared about attending yoga class on facebook.. hus cousin bro private massage me, telling me that as a christian i should not practice yoga as each of the pose are to worship hindu god..

How true it is, im not sure.. but thats what i found on google



Whats your take?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Grandma 77th Birthday

Popped over grandma place this  morning with my mum, aunt and sis to celebrate her 77th birthday..

See how her eyes' can't take off baby zyan

Great.. she enjoyed our accompany :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Travel-Lodge: Palau Sibu - Sibu Island Resort

Booked a family trip to Sibu Island during dec 2014. It's seems to be a very wrong choice due to the monsoon season, the rain and strong wind had created another stress to us - how to kill the boringness as due to strong wind and rain, all sea sports were cancelled, all we can do is eat and sleep in the room. It can a lovely place to visit when it is not in monsoon season.

Friends and colleagues were asking me where am i going for my family trip, when i told them "Sibu Island" almost all of them thought is "Cebu Island" which is in Phillipines, until i told them that its actually "Palau Sibu" in Malaysia....hahaha…

I booked through http://sibuislandresort.com.my for a 3D2N includes meals package. It about 3 hrs drive from SG to the ferry jetty and a 30 minutes journey by boat from Tanjung Leman jetty.

We booked the afternoon ferry 4pm as we don't want to rush and after will have jam at the custom. Hus suggested that we leave at about 9.30am after breakfast, have lunch and do some grocery shopping in malaysia for the 3D2N on an island.

Janelle can't wait to go

We crossed the custom without Jam and we have plenty of time, so hus decided to pop over to desaru 

Here's the Tanjung Leman jetty and was where we parked our car there for 2 nights. The jetty is a private area there are security guard at the entry. of course, need to pay RM8 per night.

Checked in counter over the jetty for the ferry tickets. We paid RM70 for per adult and RM40 for Janelle

Then more payment need to be done for the park

Boarding on the ferry to Sibu Island

The wind was so strong and it was raining, daddy took janelle blanket and wrapped her up  

She is so excited together with her daddy and both was there singing "row row row the boat" while mummy and kaka was there feeling nausea 

Finally after 30min, we reached

This was our home for 3days..
and there are deers just at our door steps

And their mini zoo, janelle was so happy chasing after the peacock, chickens (smaller animals)

But scare of deers and insist me to carry her and refused to come down or feed the deers

They do have very nice beach but too bad the wind is too strong that we didn't managed to have a chance to pop in

There was an Royal Suite

We wanted to go for a swim, but seriously.. it's too cold, we popped in and out, that's it.

This is how strong the wind was (look at the coconut trees)

All these days, we survived with a snow flakes 18inch TV with Singapore ch8 and ch5. I feel that the hotel and rooms are old and poorly maintained, it's kind of dirty. The cleaning aunty only came and pack the bed and throw rubbish.. We did our own cleaning in our room. 

At the end of 3 days,
Hus: Sweetie, thank you for bringing the family to "eat wind" (in hokkien, which means holiday) and he opened his mouth for the wind...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

3rd day of school..

3rd of school and we missed the school bus. We had a good night sleep and sleep through and passed 630am. ms Janelle refused to wash up but requesting for a bottle of milk at 640am and school bus is reaching at 650am where she havent wash up.. havent have breakfast...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celine Bag

Wanted to get myself a celine bag.. went down to the boutique but they only have white, which too expensive to see it turn black... so i give it a missed...

then i saw it on reebonz and thinking its should be safe. Placed the order but unfortunately the bag has scratches on it and i requested for a refund.

No fate with celine bag.... :(