Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keeping a dog

We have been talking to keep a dog.. gave hus a green light last year as I feel that it might not be an bad idea although I very scare of dogs. Heard about Dog therapy can help to bring joy and laughter into this household and hope it takes away our negativative and balance our life. 

We was so near to adopt a 2 yrs old Tsu shu but just before we confirm the dog, janelle was hospitalised. After that we didn't come across any dogs that we think it suit us and slowly none of us brought this up again. 

Till yesterday, my bro bring his dog over and hus took out dog water bowl, comb etc from store room which I have totally no idea about then I realized that he was serious. Hmmmm...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 CNY

Was down with very bad flu that took me more than 3 weeks to recover and was so busy at work - clearing a colleague shit - I cannot understand how can one executive reporting out as all on track when she didn't do anything for the past 3 months? And only when time to close bosses then realize all is undone. Haiz.. Anyway, was too weak to get out of my bed the days before CNY even, so leaving many things not done. Thank God at least I had prep for my mom and in law place�� This is the first time I didn't get my hair, my nails, home deco up.. I even didn't buy oranges for bai nian. Yes, I'm so unprepared. And was so nice, suspected is wisdom tooth caused my jaw, ear and head so painful that I can't sleep and need to be pain killer throughout the Chinese New Year period. 

This year we tried KR BBQ for CNY reunion dinner, this is so wrong.. My SIL says she had washed and set her hair nicely, don't want bbq. So ended me and one nephew was doing all the bbq inside the kitchen and serve them in the living room. The aftermath was madness to wash and clean. Maids were starring at me. Lesson learnt. 

CNY eve, janelle won the best dress in school. :)

Day 1, visited my grandma then in law then my parents. Didn't manage to get a matching dress but I got her a matching bag.. 

Day 2, visited godpa and godma in Malaysia then SIL. This was the first time I tried my SIL home cook food.

Day 3, visited my gupo, shengpo then 4th gugu place. Decided not to bring maid along as we wanted to have more bonding with the relatives then maid.

Day 4, visited auntie place

Day 7, steamboat at mama place. CNY without steamboat seems to have something missing. This year was the first time where gugu and cousin XY joined in for lo hei with my mom. My mom was so excited and even called me in the night to remind me to get more food for them. 

Day 9, uni friends gathering

After which catch midnight show with my family.. Enjoying my sis pregnancy privilege with premiere class @ nex.. 

Day 10, our annual event with A and J. One of the nicest lo hei we had this year at A place. 

At my mom place.. Hamburger was so happy with 2 lollipop on her hand from pop. And well entertained by baby zyan. 

Guess we our new year visiting has come to an end... 

Last but not least, Happy New Year... 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our outfits and bags for cny

Mom and daughter hello kitty t-shirt for CNY eve and Chanel bag for CNY... Both bags contains one mobile phone and angbaos... But one is for watching YouTube and collecting angbaos... And one is phone and giving out angbaos..  

This year my angbaos give away... :) #hellokittyoverload.

Big Eyes

Ms Janelle woke up from her nap this afternoon and the first things she said was "big eyes" while she pointing at Sofia  eyes... #sofiaoverload? 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Travelodge - 3D2N Bangkok

After knowing Joyce for 20 years, this is the first time we are going holiday.. Gave her a couple of places to choose - Vietnam (to shop), Penang (to eat), Batam (to massage) - but she requested to go Bangkok where we can shop, eat and massage. Yes, Bangkok again… This is my 5th to 6th trip to bangkok, but of cos each trip with different partner and different experience.

And here's we go:

~ DAY 1 ~

We started our trip with KrisFlyer Gold Lounge for our bunch. 

We reached BKK at about 2.30pm BKK time which is one hour before us. We bumped into one of my colleague and her friend on flight, they planned to take airport express to the hotel which she shared is cheaper and faster. Not sure about that but since our hotel are not very near to any MRT station, so as planned. We took a taxi to hotel at Level One (a level down from departure hall), there is a taxi desk at the Kerbside but i didn't expect such a long queue. It costed us less than 360Baht included airport charges and tolls.

We stayed in The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, booked thru Agoda. That was the first on the list from agoda search, after i read thru the reviews and price and location, I choose this hotel over Novotel Platinum. Its about SGD$50 per person per night which is about half the price of novotel.

There are 2 buildings in this hotel, we paid a little bit more (about SGD$15) to stay in the main building. The different is that in main building will have direct access of the lift  to your floors from the lobby and there is bath tub in the room. The north tower, you will need to take the lift to level 11 and walk a short distance and up via another set of lifts to the rooms. So thinking after a long day walking, i would rather pay that SGD$15 which is $7.50 each to have a direct access.. of cos not so much on the bathtub, didn't even have the time for bathtub.

I am generally satisfied with this hotel, spacious room, good location - walking distance to Platinum Mall, Central World and Big C - comfortable bed and best of all daily night market just outside the hotel from 7pm to 11pm.. We saw some stores setting up at about 5.30pm and some stores ended at 12pm.  

After we checked in, reported home and there we go… SHOPPING..
Started off with Central World - Jim Thomson, NaRaYa, Melissa (aka Jelly Dream in bkk) and Isenta for undergarment which i never missed when i'm in bangkok. Not super cheap but as compared to sg, it is cheaper lo. Walcoal is about 50% and Triump is about 20 to 30% cheaper than SG but with limited designs.

Once we stepped out of the hotel lobby, she started to spend money.. Not even out of the building.

We settled down at MK Gold Restaurant in bangkok. It overrated by bloggers, i find it expensive and not very nice as compare to cocoa in bangkok. We ordered bbq roasted duck and meat and some pork, prawns and fish ball for steamboat and these costed nearly SGD$50 for 2. Only the bbq roast meat i think is nice, worth to try that's it. And if you really really want to try MK Steamboat, go to the one at Big C, cheaper with the same food.

And after dinner, we went over to Big C for groceries shopping.. and Ms J is super kaisu that she cleared the rack for 

haaaa… of cos, how can we missed out massage… ending our Day 1 with one set of Thai Massage and one set of foot massage.

~ DAY 2 ~

We bought an Goupon deal at SGD$55 to visit the train and floating market for two (up to 3 pax). This is my very first time in BKK for such activities. It was a great experience, but one time will do. :)

Local Breakfast at the train station @ 20Baht a bowl.
Fried Oyster from Roadside stall @ 30Baht. It has more of the beansprout then the egg mix and oyster
This is also the first time trying the colorful mung bean desert that come with all colors and sizes. we kana chopped, 40Baht a piece.

After witnessed how the stall owners moved their items in when the train came at Train market, we headed down to the floating market. This is an unique screen and only happened in Thailand, and that's why it attracted so many tourists visiting the little town.

Bangkok is well known for it's traffic jam, and that not only happened on the road but also in the floating market river. The boats are just knocking on each other to get a way out. A couple of time we felt that we were going to lost balance on the boat. Best of all, we got into an thai ah bing sailor who made a 3-point turn of the boat in the middle of the river where left right all having boat approaching us. *gosh*.. He even stopped in the center of the river for us to make purchase. 

Tried the coconut ice-cream at 50Baht.

We ended the half day tour and returned to bangkok city at about 12pm. We requested the driver to drop us at siam square as we wanted to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe. Yes, Hello Kitty Cafe, i'm not a fan of it but how can i missed that out when i'm out with the super fan club member of HK. Even since i know her, she already the Hello Kitty Fan. While waiting to get into the cafe, we settled our lunch with "long time no see" A&W. 

It's about 45min to 1hr waiting time (20+ queue in front of us) for newly the opened hello kitty cafe. Very Kawaii-ne… Ever the sponge cake are Hello Kitty. We ordered a set of DIY Tiramisu Set to share, ice strawberry tea for her and a pot of hot fruit tea for myself.

As per request by Joyce, I booked the river cruise dinner from Loy Nava even i'm in fear of having sea sick. It's about USD50 per person for the dinner, included transport to the jetty. On the website it stated as "A luxury rice barge journey into Thai culture and the Thai heart. Five star dining, traditional culture and touring, on the only original antique teakwood rice barge on the river in Bangkok. Experience first-class Thai hospitality and delicious food from around Thailand in the comfort and tranquility of this luxury, open-air cruise." This is the worst meal i ever had in bangkok. All the food are deep fried and i don't taste any of the thai tradition in it. Ok, it's an experience and i will never never be back. Poor Joyce was having bad seasick and she didn't even eat, whatever goes in just come out within seconds.

Actually Joyce quite power, she rested a while during the cruise and bus journey and we started shopping at the night market once we touched down at our hotel.

of cos, need to feed her food for the night so we popped over to the stalls just opp our hotel. It's less than 50baht and we had a nicer and more local food.

Joyce's favorite stall.. She had mango sticky rice for the straight 3 days and even taboo back home.

Ended our Day 2 with foot massage. * shiok* 

~ Day 3 ~

No photos on day 3 as we are in Platinum Mall shopping from morning till about 4pm and had our last massage session before we check out and depart to airport. :)

Bye Bangkok for now.. See you in feb :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Janelle first IEP with MINDS

After Janelle started school for two weeks, the school holds an IEP meeting with the parents.

Janelle teachers are very helpful and together we set goals and try to understand Janelle more. We setup a a small goal for Janelle and will review in 4 months to see her progress. And the goal we set for Janelle is "Encourage Janelle to be more pro-active."

We discussed about Janelle toilet training, and we feel that Janelle might be having some fear (at home she will cry when we put her on the toilet bowl, in school she will shiver) on the toilet bowl which causes not able to release in the toilet bowl. We decided to change another method, and hope that would works for her.

Teachers reminded us that we as a special needs child parent also needs to have a life to ourselves. She also encourage us to have sometime off with our friends and partner alone... and dont be over stress with what Janelle cant do. They need some time so do us. - Really sometime that speak into my heart and that's what we are trying to do for this year.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Janelle toothchart

First tooth was lost just before xmas day, and during xmas day (within 3 days), new tooth is out.. That's very nice.. not too long as ms bo gay..

But guessed what… second tooth came off too… and new tooth is out the next day..

Hope that by CNY, her 2 teeth will be neatly grow.. :)