Monday, April 14, 2014

Pneumonia again

2 days after the previous discharge, we admitted ms janelle into hospital again cos she was coughing every seconds and her fever came back and hits 39.5 degree again. This time was quite serious which does scared me, the triage immediately sent her to the emergency treatment room as she was quite restless when we reached KKH A&E. Dr immediately gave her ventolin to release the muscles in the airway and increase airflow to the lungs. Janelle was then put on oxygen mask while we waiting at the observation room. Dr suspected that complication as high fever came back all the sudden, so was sent for X-ray and further blood test. It was then confirmed that there was infection at her chest area -  pneumonia.

We was warded shortly for closely monitoring. In the middle of first night, a senior staff nurse noticed that  Janelle was breathing very hard, Normal breathing / RP rate goes about 25-30 per min, but janelle is breathing 60-70 per min. Another blood test and X-ray was requested. These days very hi-tech, KKH has a portable X-ray machine which looked like an transformer, it transfer from a cart to a op room lights and machine and done the X-ray within a min in janelle ward. X-ray results shows different from the one taken earlier, the infected area remains the same. Blood test results shows that the oxygen level is good but carbon dioxide level in her body is lower than normal. Ok, that sentence really search me, i was like isn't that good? But it doesn't means so, guess all air is important to the body. Snr Dr came and wasn't able to explain why is she breathing so hard and yet the blood test results shows her viral is under controlled. She sent Janelle sent to high dependency ward in the middle of night as she afraid there might have further complication.

I wasn't able to rest that night, was there watching over the monitor that shows her HR, RP, BP, singing song to janelle to assure her that things will be ok and mummy is with her. There was a couple of sec that the machine shows her heartbeats went 0 with a loud beeeeeeep, my heart beat skipped and thoughts of i'm going to lost her flash thru my mind. Goodness seek. Thank God it returned to normal after a while, nurse says it's machine fault as it's very sensitive. PHEY. Next early morning i started to send out sms to sisters and brothers in christ asking for prayer. Sister linda surprised me by appearing in the ward shortly that morning to visit and pray for Janelle. She shared that she wasn't able to sleep over the night and had been praying for someone but don't know for who till morning she saw my sms. Shw woke up at about 1am when Janelle was sent to HD Ward, and she rested at 4am about the same time when Janelle rested. Thank God for the encouragement and strength that came in. That morning, janelle had shows great improvement, breathing back to normal at abt 30 per min, fever was controlled, cough was better, and was discharge from HD Ward and return to normal ward. Fever started to goes off and she was able to eat again. Coughing only comes in the night, but disturbed both of our sleep. Dr gave her cough med to stop and it does improve. We was discharged on friday after a day of no more fever and coughing.

But we took home 10 over bottles of medicines, she need to be on puff and antibiotics for 10 days.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Janelle is down with fever all of the sudden on monday morning just before we were about to get out of the house at 8am. I changed my planned and let her stay home and rest. By 4pm, her fever went super high to 40.3 degree and quickly brought her to see GP and inserted bifen supp to bring the temp down. It takes 2 hrs, longer than expected for the temp to climb down. And not long enough her fever started to shoot back and shortly after her dinner she started to vomit out everything she took. 40.1 degree remains since 7pm and we gave her paracetamol and showered her but still doesn't bring her temperature. We monitored till 11pm, and admitted her to KKH. Haiz, only when we reached KKH, her temperature then start to dropped. Doctor confirmed it is influenza virus A from lab test, and he shared that normally influenza fever will lasted up to 10 days. We stayed in hospital for 4D3N to get the vomiting stop and fever controlled. I requested to be discharge as i believe Janelle will rest better at home, and doctor agreed. When discharged, Janelle was still having fever wobbling at 38 to 39 degree.

Thanks to all aunts and uncles for the little gifts for cheering Janelle up.

Her still sick look when we reached home.

A house full of sick, my hus is the main source who had been down with fever, flu and cough, i can feel myself brewing of sickness then Janelle, and now my maid. I tell myself this is not a time to get sick, so i equip myself with the below :P

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Tips to get rid of fruits fly

I have no idea why my house especially my toliet always have uninvited guest fruit flies flying around. Kind of irritated me and chance upon saw a FB posting on how to get rid them.

Tested and proven:

All it takes is cider vinegar, a jar, dish soap, and plastic wrap. Pour just enough cider vinegar to cover the bottom of the jar. Add a drop of dish soap (it will break the surface tension of the vinegar so the fruit flies can't just sit atop the liquid). Now, cover the jar with plastic wrap and poke a few holes in the top

I leave it in my toilet where I see most of the flies, after I returned from hospital 4d3n this is what I see.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is how she sleep

This is how my girl sleep. Crossing over mama bed.... And don't know why her blanket ended up beside me.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Has my Janelle grow up?

Time flies isn't it. She is coming to 6 soon, and cos Janelle has been slow in development, i have been treating her like a baby and didn't realized that she is 6.

One day when she insist to bring her bag out with her sweets inside, suddenly i feel that my Janelle is growing up vain with better awareness.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nuffang cash out

My 2nd cheque cash out from Nuffang. I know is this nothing as compare to bloggers, but to me it's Janelle one tin of milk powder. :)

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