Saturday, June 28, 2014

Singapore's smelly beancurd

One afternoon, after hus picked me from work and janelle from school, he had a curving of smelly beancurd so we are here… Mini Star Fermented Beancurd at Geyland Road.

Singapore version is a kind of different from taiwan and hongkong version where you smell it before you see it. The smell is only out when the beancurd is right in front of me.

And one of the critical points for Smelly bean curd are the sauces - sweet and chili sauces that married into the smelly beancurd and make it perfect. Indeed, they have very nice sauces that added some points. This is the only store in singapore that sells smelly bead curd, no fish prawn also good. :)

Store Information:
  1. Address: 789 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389675
    Phone:6744 1353
    Open today · 12:00 pm – 2:00 am

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

My siblings have been raving about the Trick Eye Museum in Korea, so I was so hyped when i saw my friend's Facebook sharing on the photos taken in Singapore outlet at Resorts World Sentosa. Immediate i told my husband I WANT TO GO. My husband as my husband, he did a online search and says ok let's go and had to be before 22nd June. I thought he was as excited as me, but i'm wrong… cos till 22nd June, there is a opening promotion for 50% off all tickets. Nevertheless, i still looked forward to it.

We went on a saturday early morning, and the queue was super long. My husband queued for 45mins to get the tickets and was told that the waiting time is 3hrs before we can go in. We looked at the watch and janelle and we decided to come back on next day - sunday instead as it is not here and there. It will cross lunch time and Janelle nap time. The ticketing lady told us to come back on weekday instead for lesser crowd, cos even 30min before the opening, there were more than 60people in the Queue on that day. 

Since we already at RWS, we let janelle do her shopping at cindylious with their mini shopping cart. Her favorite toy.

But as i having workshop over the weeks and husband will be out of town, so we made it early to reach RWS 30min before the opening to try our luck. The ticketing counter were filled with many people, the queue was all the way to malaysia hawker center. And since we already have the tickets, we only need to queue for the admission, but it's never a short queue too. 

Guess we are the 100plus in the Queue even we are 30min early

Not sure what time the first in queue started to queue, but indeed they came well prepare

About 50 of those in front of us has no tickets on hand, we we managed to jump queue and in within the 1st batch. Husband was hurrying us when we are inside, we wanted to be in the less crowded session. Under his monitor, we skipped many populars (cos too many people) finished within 30min. Kind of pissed, but it's ok.. I will be back again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lost my shopping desire?

When GSS just started, I went shopping but ended coming home empty handed. Had also not been buying any clothes from online shop too. I feel that I have lost desire to shop for myself. Till yesterday I went shopping with my sis and mom, the price tag in mango and h&m was so attracting and I bought 2 bottoms and 6 tops. Then I realised that my desire to shopping is still there but not the spending power, no I should says the not my priority anymore since I'm working from home most of the time and weekend is just mil place. 

I recalled that late last year or early this year when i need to be in office everyday for meetings, i feel that my wardrobe has no clothing which every woman did that. I set a challenge for myself, to dress myself a different sets (no duplication) to see how long i can lasted. It lasted me about a month which is good that i gave myself an excuse not to buy clothes. But now this challenge is out, don't want to reuse… so i shopped with a reason.. Getting these items are partly because need to be in office for a couple of workshops from this month,  and having such a good cook maid at home, I can't fit into my pants.. sad… and the most important factor was charging to pop together with my niece and mom loot. :p

Feel great that shopping without seeing the price tag and not me to pay it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Random thoughts

Guess my age is catching up, my antibodies are not as strong as few years back. Now once i down with flu, it takes me more than a week to recover. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sausage lip

Don't know what's wrong with #msjanelle, woke up with sausage lip.

missy says its not allergy cos one side is much swollen then the other. So we guessed is insert bites… but what can be on her bed? she loves putting hands into her mouth, so i blame all to the germs on her fingers.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Twitching On Left Side of cheek

My upper left cheek below my eye had been twitching for a week and still ongoing. initially didn't really care about it till i can feel abit of numbness on my cheek. And my colleague told me it can be a symptoms of stroke as his uncle had the same experiences before. That's scared me off to see a doctor immediately.

I went to my family doctor (western doctor), he just says "monitor" if the numbness affects your talking then go to A&E immediately as it is a stroke else just need to monitor. That's all he says, no medicines given and nothing else and i paid a $28 for consultation..

Then I also went to see TCM, she says it is due to stress, anxiety and not enough sleep that causes nerves to expand and hitting against each other. Nothing to worry as this is normal when your body is under stress and not enough sleep. She advised that all i need to do is to take rest and have a good sleep, and don't need to go under needles which had been praying not to. :-> i'm scare of needles. :)

Take Care.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I have not accepted...

When doctor from child development says 'nothing will change' and my tears just flows.. I knew that I have not accepted Janelle being special. Deep inside my heart i'm fighting... praying for miracle and hoping for improvment every day. Just developmental delay and not intellectual disabled.