Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Banana flies

I don't like to buy banana cos it attract those fruits flies but my hus love it.. 

Do you know:
Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time near the surface of fermenting (ripening) foods or other organic materials. The entire life cycle from egg to adult takes only about eight to ten days so they proliferate with great rapidity. They can also lay their eggs in sink drains, garbage disposals, empty bottles and cans, garbage bags, and even damp mops and sponges.

Found a method online to wrap the plastic cling wrap over the stem of banana can keep the banana longer and fresher but also noticed that it will keep the flies away...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hus birthday

Sis CC invited us over to her new condo for house warming, and was thinking since all uni friends will gather together, I shall arrange for a surprise birthday cake for him..

Brought Janelle over to have a "swim", and hus doesn't want to join the crowd ended just dip in the water with moving. Yes boring to max.

Thanks to cc, she homemade cheesecake for hus...

We brought out the cake before they start their mj session.. To be frank, I know He has no heart for birthday song.. All his heart is on the mj and he must be scolding me to delay his mj session.

While they are playing their mj, CC putting her boy to bed.. I'm alone chilling at their balcony. Wondering when we can also own a condo that comes with balcony... Haiz

Janelle 8th birthday

Since Janelle was born, MIL always tells me that don't celebrate birthday for kids.. I wanted to hold a huge 1st birthday and she rejected... 

But since we accepted Christ, i trusted in Lord and believe in pouring blessing upon Janelle. But cos Janelle has her sleeping pattern, I don't want to disturb. And thinking no one to visit and she just can't be still to sing birthday song or take photos. Maybe mommy life is bored, so this year I wanted a little surprise party for Janelle. I didn't invited friends since our little place can accommodate less than 10 include us.. So only asked my baby sis and brothers over..

Set up a surprise rainbow for her.... She was so happy when she came home and saw the balloons on the wall.

My cheeky Janelle with the backdrop.

Yiyi Jessica bought her a princess balloon from Japan in May, and I got papa to pump it up for her... 
My little princess are all dressed up and ready for the party
Yiyi came with so many balloons.. She was so excited.

Took a ground photo before dinner started with 1st batch... 

After that it's all in a mess that I have no time going around to take photos. Preparing dinner for all, the kids are running and asking for this and that, mocha runs around and meimei crying because she scare of dog.. Haiz.. Janelle was so excited and refused to sit down for dinner, she joined the children running around... 

And hus showing off his hamster and me running around making sure everyone is good...

Janelle was a bit cranky as it has over her sleeping hours, so we did a quick birthday song and put her to bed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TravelLodge - Batam

*Throw back to June 2016, Family Trip to Batam

Hus requested a family trip with Janelle, so planned a 3D2N short trip to Batam. It has always a No-No from me to Batam because of my motion sickness on the ferry, But my hus always wanted to go because of the cheap cheap grocery. 

I have to admit I'm not a good planner for trips... Lots of mistake i made.

1. There is a promotion from Batamfast of 50% off for NTUC members for tickets over the counter. We went to the counter and they shared that they are not able to book return ticket for us, it had to be done at Batam side or via email. My hus forget to bring his card, so we can't purchase on that day. Tried dropping email to Batam side, but no response at all, and bring an elder and special needs child i don't want to be in a situation where we don't have ferry ticket to return home, so i bought the return ticket online with full price. 

Who knows, when we purchasing ticket over to counter on the day itself, they told us we can't purchase one-way ticket with the discount. I'm like WHAT? you told me that you can't book return ticket for us cos your system are not connected, now you tell me that i can't get discount as it only eligible for 2-way tickets. ARGH..... Didnt give a good start of holidays.

2. Hotel. I was told that Harris is a good consideration of hotel to stay in. It's near the shopping mall and its clean. When i was reading the blog for family trip to Batam most of them booked HARRIS Resort Waterfront Batam and they took free shutter bus over the shopping mall. Blur me which i thought this is the HARRIS. This is a resort and is about 45min away from city area. the journey out to source for dinner tired us out le.

3. Brought my MIL along. I thought since she not been working and had been staying home. I thought it will be good to bring her out to enjoy a family trip with us and Janelle. Who knows i created a blow-up and made the son and mom volcano erupted.  Till now they are still at cold war. :(

Here's we go:

Taking the ferry

Janelle was enjoying the ferry, she was singing "row row row the boat and "Sailor see sea"

Check-in HARRIS Resort with free shutter bus picked up from the ferry terminate. After Janelle napped and we headed out to Nagoya Hill Shopping mall for dinner. This is the one of the most crowded and biggest shopping mall in batam.

I have booked a 7-seater taxi on day 2 at SGD$80 and it brings us around to visit the tourist attraction place. Batam is very small, so really nothing much to see. My MIL insist Janelle wear that dress she bought the day before in Batam supermarket as she says the material will keep her cool and this is the type of dress that she wore when she was young |||.

The two are trying on their batak clothes.

MIL was having motion sickness from the car journey, we decided to end their day in batam day tour after lunch and let them rest in hotel. 

After we dropped them back to hotel and took a short nap, me and hus went to town area again for shopping. The taxi driver took us Mega Mall Batam Centre Being a singaporean how can we not have root beer float from A&E, a drink we missed.

On Day 3, before heading back to Singapore, we brought janelle down for a swim.. Family bonding time.

Janelle enjoyed the window view looking out at the sea... 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Whitening Pills

Everyday exploring to too much of UV. So got myself this - whitening pills - was told that it helps to protect UV and achieve whitening effects. Not sure how true it is. Will update review after this bottle.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The very first instant noodle

When in the nissen museum, i learnt that this is the very first instant noodle that was started the trend.
So how can i not get myself one to try.

It doesnt come with the packet seasoning, as all the favoring are already in the noodle itself.

verdict: not to my liking. never regret, at least i tried.

Work from home mom

A day when all come into one... Stress of a work from home mom...
1. I didn't managed to get a good night rest, 
2. I have a few conf meetings to host later but my mind is not working to sort out my thoughts
3. She is having holiday and wants your 100% attention and accompany
4. She refused to go grandma place
5. She refused me to go else where.. Even walked into kitchen without her she cries
6. When helper is more busy then the mom

At this very moment, how i wish i'm a stay home mom that can give her my attention.