Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Now I'm in a stage where 喝水都会胖。I have eating as usual, sometime lesser.. but my weight is going up monthly.  Why?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Don't know since when I became so sensitive and fragile... had been down with flu and cough for a month.. doctor suspect is due to the haze which causes sensitive nose...

MIL 70th Birthday

Hus started wanting to celebrate 70th for his mom. At first he wanted to make it big by inviting relatives, but mil don't want. She just wanted a small family event will do. Selected a few places but all shot down as sil wanted somewhere nearby. So ended up Pinsi Yishun, but I managed to get a KTV room so they can sing songs.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014 Mid Autumn Festival

BBQ it Steamboat? None can make up the mind, then we do both....

Genetics test

Months ago doctor from department of child development recommended us to bring janelle for a genetics test. Didn't think too much and followed the flow..

J and hus asked why would I want to go for genetics test?? what can I do after knowing if it is a genes problem?? will there be an solution of its a genes issue?? All the why came out from them..

After more than 3 months of wait.. spending nearly a thousand of dollar.. The result is finally out. Hus was not avaliable so i went alone. Early morning before i left house, hus told me the result doesnt mean anything. Whether is it normal or not.. its no longer mean anything to him cos he know it very well that there wouldnt have any change to janelle life anymore. He asked me not to worry too much and don't take the result too hard.

With a heavy heart and in a messy mind, I went in to hear the result. Everything is normal.. High level and commonly dna that causes seizures was tested and everything is normal. Of cos there are more detailed test that can ve taken and deep dive into each cells but decided not to further presume for gens test, like hus shared.. what can u do if it is gens problem? Bascially is Nothing.. is FYI kind of test, so save the money and janelle blood. Doctor also shared that I would have a 25% as compared to average of 1% chamce to have other children having the same condition as janelle. That's the take away from these test.

I shared with my mom, she says the chances not high can try. I shared with my mil, she says if you scare then don't.  And I agreed with my mil, both hus and myself heart are too fragile now to have another janelle.

Miss Janelle turn 6

My checky turned 6 this year.. a small celebration with the family...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Singapore's smelly beancurd

One afternoon, after hus picked me from work and janelle from school, he had a curving of smelly beancurd so we are here… Mini Star Fermented Beancurd at Geyland Road.

Singapore version is a kind of different from taiwan and hongkong version where you smell it before you see it. The smell is only out when the beancurd is right in front of me.

And one of the critical points for Smelly bean curd are the sauces - sweet and chili sauces that married into the smelly beancurd and make it perfect. Indeed, they have very nice sauces that added some points. This is the only store in singapore that sells smelly bead curd, no fish prawn also good. :)

Store Information:
  1. Address: 789 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389675
    Phone:6744 1353
    Open today · 12:00 pm – 2:00 am