Thursday, March 26, 2015


Wanted to take some photos with her but she came out all sorts of patterns in front of the camera... So cute that I want document it down.. 


2009 First family shoot with dphotofolio

2011 second family Photoshoot by waipeng @ ufoto. Waipeng so far was the best, she very patient and tried running here and there to make janelle laugh and most photos came up quite well. 

2013 3rd family photoshoot by Celine's friend. He asked us to sit there and be pretty, while waiting for Janelle to come into pic and snap. Surprisely the result was quite good. :)

Planning for this year... Any good recommendation? Looking for one who is very patient, friendly and able to capture janelle most beautiful moment.. Let me know if you have one to recommend. 

My most expensive shoes

Sometime don't know which nerves went hype wire in me, I will have an impulsive to get luxury items to reward myself. 

Recently was so tired on clearing other people shit. Had to work day and night on recovery and to push out on a boss committed timeline. The due date was one after another, super stress and tired. Finally all had completed.. and balance myself I got myself close to $400 pair of shoes to reward myself.. So far this is the most expensive.. But that's impulsive, now looking at it, I'm so heart pain.. Hus asked me how much I spent?? And I returned him with a smile. Hahaha

Sunday, March 8, 2015

One of the possibilities???

Over the CNY, MIL meet up with a staff nurse from UK. She shared that in UK she see many cases like Janelle who are having seizures not due to gens. She shared that one of the possibilities is due to assisted vacuum delivery.. Where the skull pressed on the nerve during the delivery process. And they did ops to correct it.

Met up with KKH doctors last week and shared with them about what I heard. 2 out of 2 doctors I spoke to had disagreed with that statement. Doc shared the bones of a newborn baby's skull are soft and flexible, with gaps between the plates of bone. At birth we do see redness on Janelle skull, and according to doc it's may be Fluid that collect in the baby's scalp, or blood may collect beneath the scalp. This may further distort the shape and appearance of the baby's head. Fluid and blood collection in and around the scalp is common during delivery. It will most often go away in a few days. And to convince and put me at peace is that doctor took up the CT scan we did years ago and according to the report there wasn't any nerve is pressed by the skull bones. 

Doc shared that he is not interested to put janelle under any knife as her trigger points is at her arms and facial nerve. If she is to be under the knife, then she will lost her left side controls. And janelle is now well controlled and we wouldn't want to mess her up again. Which I agreed with him. We been through a lot to this stage and may God continue to heals her and guide her teach her on daily improvement. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keeping a dog

We have been talking to keep a dog.. gave hus a green light last year as I feel that it might not be an bad idea although I very scare of dogs. Heard about Dog therapy can help to bring joy and laughter into this household and hope it takes away our negativative and balance our life. 

We was so near to adopt a 2 yrs old Tsu shu but just before we confirm the dog, janelle was hospitalised. After that we didn't come across any dogs that we think it suit us and slowly none of us brought this up again. 

Till yesterday, my bro bring his dog over and hus took out dog water bowl, comb etc from store room which I have totally no idea about then I realized that he was serious. Hmmmm...

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 CNY

Was down with very bad flu that took me more than 3 weeks to recover and was so busy at work - clearing a colleague shit - I cannot understand how can one executive reporting out as all on track when she didn't do anything for the past 3 months? And only when time to close bosses then realize all is undone. Haiz.. Anyway, was too weak to get out of my bed the days before CNY even, so leaving many things not done. Thank God at least I had prep for my mom and in law place�� This is the first time I didn't get my hair, my nails, home deco up.. I even didn't buy oranges for bai nian. Yes, I'm so unprepared. And was so nice, suspected is wisdom tooth caused my jaw, ear and head so painful that I can't sleep and need to be pain killer throughout the Chinese New Year period. 

This year we tried KR BBQ for CNY reunion dinner, this is so wrong.. My SIL says she had washed and set her hair nicely, don't want bbq. So ended me and one nephew was doing all the bbq inside the kitchen and serve them in the living room. The aftermath was madness to wash and clean. Maids were starring at me. Lesson learnt. 

CNY eve, janelle won the best dress in school. :)

Day 1, visited my grandma then in law then my parents. Didn't manage to get a matching dress but I got her a matching bag.. 

Day 2, visited godpa and godma in Malaysia then SIL. This was the first time I tried my SIL home cook food.

Day 3, visited my gupo, shengpo then 4th gugu place. Decided not to bring maid along as we wanted to have more bonding with the relatives then maid.

Day 4, visited auntie place

Day 7, steamboat at mama place. CNY without steamboat seems to have something missing. This year was the first time where gugu and cousin XY joined in for lo hei with my mom. My mom was so excited and even called me in the night to remind me to get more food for them. 

Day 9, uni friends gathering

After which catch midnight show with my family.. Enjoying my sis pregnancy privilege with premiere class @ nex.. 

Day 10, our annual event with A and J. One of the nicest lo hei we had this year at A place. 

At my mom place.. Hamburger was so happy with 2 lollipop on her hand from pop. And well entertained by baby zyan. 

Guess we our new year visiting has come to an end... 

Last but not least, Happy New Year... 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our outfits and bags for cny

Mom and daughter hello kitty t-shirt for CNY eve and Chanel bag for CNY... Both bags contains one mobile phone and angbaos... But one is for watching YouTube and collecting angbaos... And one is phone and giving out angbaos..  

This year my angbaos give away... :) #hellokittyoverload.