Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 Christmas Tree

Due to space constraint this year as we build in a TV console that maximum all white space, so i put my Christmas tree on the wall..

This is a combined of 2 2.7m long Xmas wired Christmas decor.. It's allow us twist and bend to any shape we want. Thanks to my helper, we managed to put this up within an hour or so.. (Pls don't ask me where my hus.. ><) 

Initially I started 3M stick on hock.. But after first 2.7m went up, which I need about 6, I find it too costly. $6 for two, 6x3 already costed me $18. So I went to local hardware store got got those cheaper version 2 for $1.20 and in order to protect my wall, I replaced the stick with 3M. And that's half of the price. Not very pretty as the 3M isn't the right size, but it's ok, cos it will be all covered up. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cleaning up project - working area

This is an area where I work and entertain janelle everyday. So within this area, on the left hand side is what I pile up but on the right hand side is my maid and janelle will put things there. After a year, really quite a mess.

One fine day this week, I decided to clean up this area. Can't believe that my table can be so clean. Haha. Started cleaning on Monday, rush down to daiso to get some contains for post-it and stationary..  and today is end of Wednesday and I still feel not 100% done. The wires under the table will still need another day for me to think how to organized it.

During cleaning I found many things that I can't explained why it's on my desk.. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

First Dental visit

In Sept, Janelle was reviewed by school dental and received a referral letter to Singapore promotion  board dental for GA and filling.

Called in to make appointment and had to wait till next year Jan, luckily there was a slot that a patient just call in to give up the appointment in nov. Immediately i took it despite that it's janelle nap time.

The appointment is 2.50pm but nurse requested us to go in before 1.50pm to take antibiotic before GA is given. Guess what, we reached at 1.30pm and do all the registration and wait... wait... 1.50pm i checked with the register that janelle need antibiotic before seeing dental.... 2pm i reminded them.. and 2.15pm.. I lost my patience and asked them the 3rd time. I told them that if they are not going to give janelle antibiotic why do we need to come one hour early. Just to wait for 2.50pm? if is 2.50pm my janelle don't have to skip her nap. ARGH. and by 2.35pm finally we managed to see one dentist.

I'm proud that janelle was able to sit down and let the dentist had a quick check. It's a quick one before janelle says "finished" - her favorite words recently when she don't want to continue. Dentist shared that there are a few decaying tooth here and there on on the baby tooth which not much of a big concern as it will drop off. However there is one tooth decay and is impacting the permanent's molar tooth and she will need GA in order for her not to struggle and hurt her during the cleaning and filling. And dentist referred us to KKH for GA.

Don't ask me why? i'm wondering why need to refer us to SPB when the school dental nurse already stated need GA and SPB can't do it. Wasting our time. To make things more complex, SPB need janelle's neurology to do the referral, insist of direct referral to KKH dental in order for us to be under subsidized rate. So now it's a waiting game again, went back to CMC@2 nurse and sent in the referral letter for Dr Chan reviewed and for him to do the referral for us. 

Sad to say, guess Janelle was overtired and had fits that afternoon during her nap at 4pm.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Everyone can be the role model of a child

Came across the video on Facebook.. Remind me of a similar situation.. Just recently, When I'm teaching my girl to stop for red light even there is no cars approaching, red light means stop and green light means go... then a man walked passed us and crossed the road.. my girl looked at me and I like aaaa... Haiz.. But I don't have the courage the correct the man... So I tell my girl that we can't control what ppl do, we just don't have to follow and we do what we need to do.. red light means stop and green light means go..

Monday, August 31, 2015

Another milestone for Janelle - 7yrs old MMR

Couple weeks ago, teacher sent in the form from MOH for MMR jab in school for all P1 children which I agreed that Janelle to take the jab in school instead of bringing her to family doctor. 

Today Janelle teacher whatsapp me, telling me that Janelle is a very brave girl. Didn't cry... 

Monday, July 27, 2015

How many clean your washing machine?

Not sure how many of you clean the washing machine, but I know I didn't.

Since I got my washer a couple years back, and is my maid the one who does all the cleaning instead myself. hence I didn't noticed how dirty it is till I took over the job recently. I nearly fainted when I see the molds all round the washer. I tried to use baking soda, vinegar, daiso drum washing power, and none help to get rid of the mouldy smell. I'm was kind of concern as it may cause skin problem if the mould is not get rid. 

And worst, the washer started to give me a lot of problem like the water is not able to discharge, the detergent and softener in the dish was not washed down, and the washer keep stopping half way and need to manual trigger to start again. And the only function working is the mini program.

I can take half a day to check and wash one load. Was so angry and decided to change the washer. 

This time round, I'm choose a top load. Reasons because 
1. mouldy is an common issue in all front load if you didn't allow dry the machine each time after wash. Top load doesn't have the rubber thingy around the edges, so this is not a problem in top load.
2. Front load do save more water than top load, but with today technology, top load is catching up the water effeciency and it now comes with 3 ticks too.
3. Sometime or many times after I started the washing, I will realized one or two pieces are not throw into the washer. With top load I can pause and throw it in and continue with the wash again, without having to wait for the next wash. 
4. To save the trouble of looking for low sub washing detergent. 

This time round, I choose Samsung 8litre top load washer.

One side note: don't even think of selling the old washer to garang guni to earn that few bucks... None of them wants it. They shared that the amount they get is not worth the effort to bring back the washer, dismentle it and sell parts by parts. So no one wants it. Thank to my husband ideas, now I have another problem to get rid of the washer. 

Smile smile...

We saw the moove media cow at the entrance of Punggol waterway entrance, and Janelle was prompted by us to check it out...

Janelle quickly run over and "what's that? What's that?"

I feel that Janelle is trying to pose yeah with her fingers... She is trying...

M: Janelle, take photo... Smile... Smile

When she ran to the next board, she was looking at it for a while and she looked at me and says "smile... Smile" then I realized that she wanted to take photos... 

So glad to see improvement in her. Although she need a bit more time then normal kid to react, but she is aware. 

Praise God... "For nothing will be impossible with God." ~ Luke 1:37